Lush #1 – Northern Lights Experience

Sundays are always a day of rest, right? For me, a Sunday usually entails going to church (if I can get out of bed), a bath, a nap at some stage and Netflix. A few weekends ago I was in Belfast for the BBC Good Food Show (where I met the Hairy Bikers!) so I took advantage of being in the city and went to Lush.

The store in Belfast is one of two in Northern Ireland so it’s usually always busy but with the release of the Halloween products and some of their Christmas range (Snow Fairy shower gel is the best smell, ever), it was more busy than usual! I had a great chat with one of the staff about her favourite products and which ones were most popular; Northern Lights and Monster’s Ball, hence my purchase!

Sunday was the day I decided to try one out. If you know me well, you know that I’m indecisive about literally everything (with the exception of whether I should buy Doritos – that’s always an easy one) so shoutout to my best friend Bex for deciding on Northern Lights for me this time around!

It’s a hefty size! The colour is amazing with tiny specks of pink in it as well. It’s quite a strong smell but a really nice one; floral and fairly sweet, which is probably the ylang ylang and jasmine that are listed in the ingredients. As with all the baths I take, I set up Netflix so I could properly chill out and lit a wee candle for atmosphere (no lights on – definitely hyggeligt!)

Here comes the moment of truth. I’d read how it fizzes around the bath like a rocket, with a whole plethora of colours mixing together. I was excited; I love seeing how bath bombs disperse in the water and how they react; whether they’re a slow burner or melt as fast as they’re dropped in. Northern Lights was in between – it did take a while to completely melt away, probably due to it’s size but the colours were amazing.

After it had mostly melted away, the mixture of colours turned the water kind of like a emerald//murky green (like you can see above) but I thought it was quite nice whereas others on the website were disappointed with it. But realistically, with all of the colour combinations, it was bound to produce an odd colour (plus the real Northern Lights are kind of green, so points to you, Lush).

Not all of it fizzed away easily and I was left with a small lump that crumbled in my hands and left them the most glorious purple colour (not good on a white bath but washes off easily!) It literally didn’t bother me, I don’t get annoyed by things like that but again, reviewers on the website were disappointed that they were left with hard bits of bath bomb.

For me, it gave me the opportunity to look at it a bit better and feel the texture of it melting. I thought it was pretty awesome!

It smelt gorgeous and the smell lasted on my skin for quite some time! I mixed in a bit of the Snow Fairy Shower Gel so if I’m honest, I smelt pretty awesome. I felt really relaxed and as they say on the website, the jasmine and ylang ylang ‘light up your spirits’. Baths in general relax me (as I’m sure they do with most people) but combining a bath with the variety of colours and scents that emanated from this bath bomb left me feeling so chilled out (and ready for a nap).

There isn’t any glitter or sparkly bits in it so when you drain your bath, all that is left is a little bit of the colour that rinses away very easily. It doesn’t stain your skin too badly, again like I said above it rinses off immediately and leaves your skin feeling really soft. As someone who suffers with quite dry skin, this was a pleasant surprise!

All in all, I’m really glad I decided to give Northern Lights a try! It was £3.95 which I think is a pretty great price for the size it was. I prefer using them in one go, as my bath tub is a good size but you could definitely break it up and use it for two!

Have you tried Northern Lights before? What’s your favourite bath bomb? I’d love to hear your thoughts 🙂

L x

*This post is in no way sponsored by Lush and opinions are very much my own.


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