Halloween Happenings

This year I did more for Halloween than I usually do! My usual Halloween celebrations consist of watching Hocus Pocus and eating a shed load of sweets because we never get trick or treaters (that’s countryside living for you).This year I carved a pumpkin, ate less sweets and actually went out to a themed party to celebrate!

Friday Night

I went over to my sister’s to watch the final episode of The Fall (Jamie Dornan is amazing, fyi) and it was a spur of the moment decision to carve pumpkins because Tesco were doing 2 for £3.00. I actually nearly fell into the box trying to lift out the good ones so I wanted to make sure it was worth it ha.

I forgot how much I love and hate scooping out pumpkins; it’s fun because it’s not something you get to do very often but the smell alone is enough to put you off and combining that with the texture is a sure fire way to make yourself sick if your gag reflex is weak!

It didn’t take us too long to scoop them out, mainly because it felt gross so we wanted to do it as quickly as possible! I really wanted to try and carve a Stranger Things themed pumpkin so I opted for Barb as a memorial to her and Ruth opted for a kind of ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ face. Praise the Internet for having good templates is all I can say!

Barb was a lot harder to carve out than I initially imagined so I got the outline of her done before I decided it wasn’t worth the effort and decided to do the same as Ruth (sorry Barb).

It was a lot of fun (except for when I accidentally stabbed myself and got pumpkin all over Ruth’s kitchen floor) and I was really pleasantly surprised when Barb decided to make an appearance and she actually looked pretty cool! It was definitely a happy accident (though someone pointed out that it does look a bit like Mrs. Doubtfire too; I’m cool with that)! I loved getting to spend time with Ruth;  I don’t see her as often because she got married in August and we both work crazy hours so whenever we do see each other, it’s always great 🙂


A few months back I heard about a Stranger Disco – an 80s//Stranger Things themed night at a bar in Belfast called Vandal. I tweeted about my excitement for it because I genuinely love anything to do with the show and Katy of katybelle.co.uk (an amazing blog which you need to check out) saw it and we talked about potentially going! To cut a long story short, I know Katy through Twitter (and from being at the same school) but also my best friend Rebecca (who features in my first festive post here) is the sister of Katy’s boyfriend, Adam! I’ve followed Katy’s blog for quite some time now and she is by far one of my favourite bloggers so the chance to meet her for realz was super exciting!

We managed to get 4 tickets and Katy and Adam kindly let us stay over so Beca and I wouldn’t have to head back home again. I was so stoked, I’m not even joking! I was gonna dress up as Barb but as usual I left things to the last minute and I didn’t really have any clothes that matched so I just went and bought a really nice dress! Beca went as a Valley Girl going to a Masquerade Ball who didn’t really give a crap, Katy went as Dustin and Adam went as the wall (it was epic).


We had a nice afternoon – chilling with music, drinks and about 40 sausage rolls ha. I haven’t really been out to clubs/bars much – I’m more of a quick drink at the pub//pub quiz kind of girl so I was feeling a little anxious about going because I wasn’t sure how big the venue was, how many people they would squeeze in etc. Buuuut, I was with my best friend and some new friends so I knew it’d all be sweet. I wasn’t drinking much because I’m not sure how it would interact with my meds but I love dancing and 80s music so I knew it’d be a fun night regardless!

We had a blast. Vandal is quite a small place; it didn’t hold too many people hence why the tickets sold out so fast but the décor of the place was class. On the way up the stairs they had missing posters of Will and Barb plastered all over the walls and then the rest of the place was lit up with fairy lights and more posters. The walls are decorated with graffiti – Bart Simpson featured on the wall we sat opposite (I can’t remember the rest, but trust me, it was great) and the toilets have ‘Throne Room’ sprayed on them. It was a really cute bar and I would definitely love to go back!

The place was buzzing with people – Barbs, Elevens, a few Sheriff Hoppers and loads of Eggo cartons were floatin’ about!  There were so many people dressed up as the ‘wall’ – there were fairy lights pretty much everywhere! We saw a really cool Eleven (like legitimately the spit of her) and even Harambe made an appearance much to our excitement (#justiceforHarambe).

The music was class and Katy, Beca and I all agreed that we were born in the wrong decade; 80s music is amazing! The dance floor was full all night (difficult with Eggo cartons and walls) and everyone just danced together. It was one of those moments where you realise that you’re really happy and everyone is so friendly; no one cares who you are or where you come from; they just wanna dance and have a good time! It was a really nice atmosphere to be in – drinks were flowing, conversations were great and we met some cool people!

It was so nice to finally meet Katy in real life, hang out with Adam and spend time with my best friend in a new environment! We ended up having to walk a few miles home (thanks to our taxi not turning up) but I had a really great conversation with Katy about life, roast potatoes and our mutual love of broccoli and although our feet hurt (poor Beca walked home in socks!), it was a nice ending to a superb night out.

Like I said on Twitter last night, it was the first night where I didn’t think about my mental health. I had no real anxieties, no OCD, no harmful intrusive thoughts; I haven’t had a day like that in quite some time. I’m really thankful for the company I was in – Katy and Adam are the loveliest people ever and so much fun to be around. Beca looked after me all night (including taking a shot for me that I didn’t want, that’s a sign of true friendship right there) and honestly my life would be so wick without her!

Sunday was spent in front of the TV, eating bacon baguettes and watching Impractical Jokers (we’re going to see them next year, woo!) and just generally lounging in our PJs. As someone who doesn’t really ‘do’ Halloween, I had such a fun night with amazing people who made me feel so at ease and really welcome. Meeting a blogger in real life was cute too 🙂

What are you guys up to for Halloween? Are you dressing up? I’d love to hear what you’re doing to celebrate!

L x



3 thoughts on “Halloween Happenings

  1. This makes me slightly emotional. I’m so pleased you had such a wonderful weekend, Laura – especially that you had so much fun at the Stranger Disco. I really need to watch that show!

  2. Awh it was so fun! We missed out on tickets the first time round but they released another set and I was online at just the right time! It was totally packed as it’s quite small venue but it was a great night 🙂

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