How I ‘Self-Care’ – Part 2

In October, I posted some of my favourite ways to ‘self-care’ which I believe is essential in taking care of your mental and physical health! I wrote about 4 (which you can read here) and decided to write about some more after being inspired by the #mentalhealthhr Twitter chat on Mondays at 8pm, hosted by the lovely Mental Health Blogger.

1. Gigs//Stand-up Comedy Shows

One of my favourite ways of self-caring is to go to gigs and stand-up shows. 2016 has kind of been a year of gigs and shows for me; I’ve been to see Kodaline, Biffy Clyro, Ed Byrne, Bastille, Walking on Cars, been in the audience for the UK’s Best British Part Time Band, met the Hairy Bikers at the BBC Good Food Show and next week I’m heading to see a local comedian, Sean Hegarty.

So as you can tell, I love going to these kind of things. The featured picture is of Bastille’s gig in Belfast (which I’ll be writing a post about soon!) and it was absolutely incredible! What I love about gigs and standup shows is the atmosphere and how it makes me feel. Ususally I’m at them with family or my best friends so spending time with them is always lovely and even better when it’s at something we all enjoy. When I go to gigs, I love getting lost in the live music, watching an amazing artist perform some of my favourite songs. I forget about everything that’s been troubling me and just allow myself to get absorbed in it all.

Stand-up is absolutely one of my favourite things in the world. I genuinely just love laughing and watching someone make the mudane, ordinary things in life become absolutely hilarious (Michael McIntyre is great at that – his Man Drawer skit is brilliant!). The laughter of everybody in the audience is infectious and you always leave a show feeling a lot more relaxed and happier than when you went in.

I do struggle with crowds sometimes but that anxious feeling usually fizzles away once I’m settled and distracted by what’s going on around me! I already have some gigs and shows planned for next year; Flash Harry (which is a Queen tribute band that I cannot wait to hear), and the Impractical Jokers (which will be hilarious). I’m hoping to maybe plan something for each month so I have something to look forward to and keep me going!

2. Music


I am obsessed with music. If I could have it on all day, every day I would , although I don’t think my colleagues would appreciate my music taste. The best decision I made in life was to upgrade to Spotify Premium. I have countless playlists on hand at the click of a button and it’s perfect for when I need to relax a bit. I’ll listen to any kind of music (I’m currently listening to Christmas music ha) but at the moment, acoustic//indie seems to be my preferred genre! I just like how it makes me feel relaxed and chilled out; it’s not too loud or in your face and I’ve come across some real gems from Spotify!

What I love most about music is that there’s a genre for every kind of emotion you might feel. I try not to listen to sad music when I’m having a particularly low day because it can make me feel worse but sometimes you just need a good cry and that’s when it’s perfect. I also love dancing and you’ll find me in my kitchen sometimes with earphones in just singing and dancing away (when I’m on my own, obviously) and that’s when I have my starred playlist on – you can find my Spotify under my name if you fancy taking a gander at any of them!

Thre isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t listen to music because it can pick my mood up in an instant!

3. Books


I’ve been a reader all my life. When we were kids, my sister and I preferred reading to watching TV so we never had a book out of our hands. To this day, anywhere we go, we’ll always have a book with us in case we ever have some spare time. I don’t read as much as I used to, mainly because it now relaxes me so much that I could fall asleep but where I work now, I have ample time to read and I’ve fallen back in love with it.

My favourite book as a child was Matilda because she too loved books and I related to that. I thought it was amazing and spent the rest of my childhood wishing I had her powers. I think it’s so incredible that someone can create a whole other world inside a few hundred pages and that’s why I love losing myself in fiction. I like reading about someone else’s story, reading the journey of someone trying to find themselves or happiness because again, it frees me from my own mind. I also love reading psychological thrillers; I love being kept on edge, trying to figure out what’s going on and then being totally surprised by a plot twist; The Girl on the Train being an example of that!

I love how quickly a book can absorb me and that if it grabs me within the first chapter, I can have it finished in a few hours. My ‘To Read’ List is ever growing with some fiction, some theological books and some self-help books to be read next. I’m currently reading ‘On The Other Side’ by Carrie Hope Fletcher which is about a lady who finds herself in the afterlife but not being able to get to her ‘heaven’ because she has secrets she needs to deal with before she can – it’s very enjoyable so far and very well written!

So there we have it, a few more of my favourite ways to self-care! Do you enjoy similar things? I’d love to hear your favourite ways to self-care and if there’s any bands or books you think I should check out, please let me know!

Take care,

L x


2 thoughts on “How I ‘Self-Care’ – Part 2

  1. I love this post Laura! I too use music and reading as a means of self care. I find that music allows me to express myself in way my own vocabulary cannot.

    Love you lots xxx

  2. I’ve never been to a live comedy event but I really want to. Reading is one of my best remedies too. I thought The Secret Life of Bees was wonderful 💛🐝💛

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