Lil Life Update

I haven’t posted anything here since November. I could tell you some exciting reason why but it’s mainly because I just couldn’t be bothered. I ‘fell out of love’ with blogging. It was definitely an outlet for me when I was at my lowest but I just felt that I ran out of things to write about.

Now in February of 2017, I feel I want to write more. I’m not quite sure what I want to write about, but the fact I want to write again was enough for me to post this. I felt before I blogged about anything significant, I should probably do a little life update because so much has happened since my last post!


November seemed to be the month of gigs and adventures. I got to watch Bastille and Irish band Walking On Cars – these gigs were one day after each other so I was definitely exhausted but had the best few nights! Bastille have now topped the list as my favourite band and there isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t listen to them.


This is my favourite picture taken at the Bastille gig! November also saw me stay in a castle for the weekend in Castlewellan (near Newcastle in County Down). It’s a place I’ve stayed in various times over the last few years and I absolutely love it! The grounds round the castle are beautiful and on the way out there’s a maze you can spend some time in! I’ve only ever done the maze in the dark but it’s a lot of fun!


I also went to a few comedy gigs, got to visit the Christmas Continental Market (a must see at least twice around Christmas time!), got trolled on Twitter pretty spectacularly (it was kinda funny), took part in a Mannequin Challenge and helped pack some Christmas hampers up with essentials to be given to families in need!


The amazing Dutch pancakes that you just have to get when you go to the Market! November was a pretty spectacular month; my meds kicked in and my mood stabilised very well and I was generally just feeling a lot happier in myself!


The end of November saw me get some good news about a job I applied for – I was successful! I would be leaving my office job at the end of December to start working as a Volunteer Support Worker for an organisation I’ve been volunteering with for the last six years. The office job I was in definitely contributed to my deteriorating mental health so knowing I only had a few weeks left until I was doing something I’ve always wanted to do was brilliant.

The first weekend in December took three of us to London for the weekend! We went just to get away from work and to see our childhood best friend Danielle who moved back to England around 6 years ago! It was absolutely amazing to see her – we went to the rooftop bar in Selfridge’s and got some mulled cider, the most amazing truffle fries and sat in a cute booth with blankets and pillows catching up for a few hours! I also got to meet a blogger friend, Josh, and we all went to see School of Rock in the theatre which I highly recommend!


There’s around 6 and a half years between these pictures! We had the odd catchup when Danielle flew back to NI but it was as if nothing had changed when we reunited! We got to see one of Bex’s friends, Niamh and we all went to Winter Wonderland together (it was a total washout, unfortunately!) Danielle is coming back to NI in April for her birthday and I couldn’t be more excited!

I also did something totally out of character for me and got a tattoo! It’s something I’ve thought about for a few years now (and totally bored the ears off my colleagues about too, I think) but I finally plucked up the courage and got one done! It’s a semicolon – for anyone who doesn’t know, it’s an internationally known symbol representing mental health. A semicolon is used by authors to continue a sentence that otherwise could have ended which is why it’s so meaningful to those suffering with mental health issues – we have all chosen to continue the fight.


If I’m honest, I was worried about Christmas. This would be my first Christmas since my depression diagnosis and I was panicking about how I feel on Christmas Day. Since starting my meds in October, my moods had definitely stabilised but I still had periods of feeling low which I was afraid of happening on Christmas Day. Thankfully this didn’t happen and I had a great Christmas with my family! It was a wonderful few days off and I got to see an ABBA tribute band with some of my best friends which was SO MUCH FUN!



New Year was spent with at my sister and brother-in-law’s house with my best friend and some of their friends with a few drinks, nachos and Cards Against Humanity! It was a super chilled evening which was just what Bex and I needed after an eventful few months!


I started my new job in January! I was so excited to start and I was welcomed right away by the boys I work with. Thankfully I knew them all before I began the job so I settled in pretty well! I got to travel to Morecambe with my manager to go to some training for my job. We flew into Manchester and after a few delays we managed to find our way to Morecambe! We weren’t sure what to expect with the training but it was actually a lot of fun and something amazing happened!

We were sitting at round tables and someone joined us that I thought I recognised but I wasn’t sure where I knew him from! Turns out we follow each other on Twitter! We spent a while trying to figure out the odds of meeting someone you follow on Twitter – we didn’t get exact stats but let’s just say it’s rare! His name is David, we both love Bastille, he loves to travel and he’s a fellow (awesome) blogger – his work can be found here! It was genuinely so lovely to meet someone so unexpectedly from the blogging world and it’ll be good to catch up with him again in June!


We didn’t get to explore too much when we were away because we were at a conference most of the time but we did spend a few hours in Manchester before our flight home! We took a dander around a few shopping malls and walked to find Chinatown with our suitcases in tow. Manchester is definitely somewhere I’d like to explore a bit more – it’s so easy to get to so there’s definitely no reason not to!

January also saw me getting another tattoo (sorry Mum). It was at a flash sale at the studio I got my first one done at – it was Friday 13th so all tattoos were £13 – how could I resist?! This time I got an anchor; it was very spontaneous but it does have meaning – I’m the most stable and grounded I have been in quite some time so this is to remind me of that time whenever I have struggles in the future! It took ages to heal just because of placement and my skin type but thankfully it’s all healed and looks great!


By the end of January I had settled well into my new job, found my feet in my office and got a good routine down for myself. I also had my NHS therapy assessment (outsourced to a different agency) where I met a lovely lady who asked some fairly intrusive questions but we actually got to the bottom of what I wanted the therapy to focus on so that gave me something positive to look towards!

Some friends and I went to see a Queen tribute band (we love our tribute bands) and stayed in a beautiful hotel and got ROOM SERVICE BREAKFAST (we were very excited by this)! We ventured to the North Coast which is a place I don’t go to enough and had a lovely time!


This is Portstewart Strand which has some of the most amazing scenery in Ireland! One amazing thing I got to do in January was film a video relating to mental health. I was asked to speak at a Youth Conference about my mental health story but unfortunately I was booked to go to something else. Not being one for turning down an opportunity to raise awareness, my wonderful manager filmed and edited a video for me to be shown. I deliberated for a few days whether to post it on social media as I was pretty blunt in it but I decided to go for it and the response I received was phenomenal.

Honestly I was so overwhelmed by it all, especially the response of the young people I work with – some told me they cried, some showed it to their friends in school and all of them shared it on their Facebook pages which I thought was incredible. If you’d like to watch it or share it around, it can be found on Dropbox through this link.

It’s now 17 days into February and I think I’ve more or less caught you up on what’s happened in my life since 2016! I’ve almost finished an eating plan called Eat Eighty Twenty which has helped me to lose over 4% of my body fat so far! I plan on writing a few posts on my health and fitness journey so be sure to keep an eye out for those!


This is me 2 years ago, 1 year ago and just last week. I use my Instagram (which can be found here) to post a lot of progress pictures to hold myself accountable and keep myself motivated. I’m really enjoying learning more about my body, about my mind and how it can relate to food and hitting some personal bests in the gym too!

Not much else has happened in February so far, to be honest! I’ve been busy with work, trying to catch up with lots of friends and take some much needed time off! I just started counselling on Wednesday past which went really well and the lady I’m working with is lovely so I’m looking forward to starting my recovery properly! Mentally I’ve been fairly well – I have a huge support network around me and I’ve found that being honest (which was my aim for everything I do in 2017) has been so beneficial!

I’m not sure how often I’ll post or even what I’ll post about but I hope you’ve somewhat enjoyed this little update from me!

L x

*header credit goes to my wonderful bestie Sarah – her instragram can be found here 🙂


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