Let’s Talk About Carbs

Food is something that’s always on my mind (as I’m sure it is with most people). Over my teenage years and for most of my adult life, I’ve been on some kind of diet or I’ve been following a certain lifestyle in an attempt to be a healthier, skinnier version of me. 

This post and my opinions will likely annoy some people out there who advocate certain lifestyles or diets but I just need to get this out of my system because it’s been on my mind for ages. 

It frustrates me so much that certain foods are deemed to be exceptionally unhealthy or detrimental to a healthy lifestyle when they’re 100% not. 

Let’s take carbs for example. For most, including myself, carbs are viewed as the enemy. I feel guilty as soon as I eat anything carb-related. Over the years I’ve listened to so many different views of carbs. One lifestyle advocates eating as many carbs as you want but limits healthy fats. Other lifestyles restrict carbs completely (how are you people still functioning?). Some only allow you to eat “low GI” carbs (sweet potato, fruit and veg). Then others advocate only eating carbs after exercising. 

So tell me, which is the right one to follow? I’ve followed them all to some degree over certain periods of time and not one has made a significant difference. Can you see where I’m heading with this post? 

We live in a world where disordered thinking towards food and eating is rife. Why are we adding to this epidemic? 

I’m no nutritionist and I understand that portion sizes can be an issue for some, that of course eating too much of certain foods can be detrimental to your health. BUT to tell people that certain foods (that are completely normal to eat and are in no way unhealthy) are inherently bad for you and should be avoided is so dangerous and potentially damaging. 

If we’re sticking with the carbs train of thought (we are), let’s talk about the implications of having a sandwich for lunch. Is it bad for you? No. It has the energy you need to keep going with you day. Then why do we feel so guilty about eating bread? Is pasta bad for you? Nope. Then why do we tell people we’re being “bad” and having it for dinner? 

We need to get the notion of foods being “bad” for us out of our heads. There is nothing wrong with having cereal for breakfast. There’s nothing wrong with have bread with your bowl of soup. There’s nothing wrong with having pasta for your dinner with a glass of wine.

There’s nothing wrong with having a bar of chocolate or a bag of Doritos every once in a while. If you’re trying to be healthier and still eating those things every day, then yes, that could be a problem because they don’t fill us so we crave more. Common sense tells us to cut those kind of foods, or junk foods, down. But we shouldn’t be cutting out the foods that give us the energy to keep going. 

You know what’s worked for me? Eating more fruit and vegetables and moving off my bum every now and then. Did I stop eating Chinese and cake? Heck no. Did I eat less of those things? Sometimes. Do I still eat them now? Yep, I had Chinese last week and cake yesterday! Have I immediately put weight on? Nope. 

If you’re training for something in particular, then sure, evaluate your diet and see what you can do to help you achieve the results you want. If you’re just trying to be a bit healthier in life? See below. 

Eat your fruit and vegetables, make sure you get some protein and go for a walk every so often. Don’t beat yourself up for anything you’re eating because everything in moderation is absolutely fine and I’m tired of being told what I should and shouldn’t be eating. 

What are your thoughts on this?


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