It’s Okay Not To Be Okay

Today, if the header didn’t give it away, is World Mental Health Day 2017. Every year there’s a theme, this year’s being wellbeing in the workplace but if I’m honest, I’m not really in the mood for writing a post. But I couldn’t let this opportunity pass me by without saying something so I thought I’d just write some things I’ve learnt over the last few years, and particularly this year when my mental health has been a little bit all over the show.

  1. it’s okay not to be okay
  2. healing isn’t linear
  3. it’s okay to stay in bed all day sometimes
  4. self-care is key
  5. talking about mental health could save your life
  6. check in on your friends
  7. be kind to yourself
  8. be kind to others
  9. rationalise everything
  10. remove yourself from toxic relationships and situations
  11. mental illness doesn’t define you
  12. mental health is positive and negative
  13. don’t push people away as much as your brain tells you to
  14. take up a hobby
  15. always have an album of puppy pictures to make you smile
  16. find coping strategies that work for you
  17. don’t feel bad for taking medication
  18. it’s okay to have bad days
  19. it’s important that employers support you in mental illness
  20. you aren’t weak
  21. you’re stronger and braver than you think
  22. it’s okay if you don’t know why you’re feeling the way you do
  23. change is good for the soul but it’s frickin’ scary
  24. take things one day at a time
  25. you’ve survived 100% of your worst days so far, be proud of that 


If you click here, you’ll find a list of organisations and charities that help with mental health.



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